Download songs from YouTube for free without the need for application bonuses use this method



There is an easy method to download songs from YouTube that you can use. This method is quite easy and free especially without the need to add any application. As one of the most popular streaming platforms today, many singers upload their video clips and songs on YouTube.

Fans from all over the world can easily enjoy the works of their favorite singers without buying an expensive official CD.

  • Open YouTube

To enjoy your favorite songs, you need quite a lot of internet quota. To save internet quota usage, your favorite songs can be downloaded. Downloading songs in MP3 form from YouTube is quite easy, free, especially without the need for a bonus application by using features from Y2mate.

This website provides a feature to download videos and songs from YouTube for free without the need to install a bonus application. How does the method work? Here is the method of downloading the song. Method of downloading songs from YouTube without any application 1. First, first copy the YouTube URL link of the song you want to download

  • After that open the Y2mate page at https:// www. y2mate. com/ en98.
  • Paste the video URL link that was copied earlier in the box on the Y2mate web.
  • Wait a while until the download menu option appears.
  • Click on Mp3 to download in the form of MP3 songs. 6. After that, the song file of your choice will appear in the form of MP3 and its file dimensions. The dimensions of the existing YouTube MP3 files are quite small so they are suitable for computers or laptops, especially Android.
  • Make a song download, click "Download". A data box will appear and you are asked to wait until the download button appears.
  • When the button appears, click "Download" and the MP3 song from YouTube will be automatically downloaded.

Because pop-up ads will appear several times when you click on the Y2mate website, so you need to be a little patient. You can close the ad immediately if it bothers you.

Although there are some pop-up ads that appear, the features in Y2mate are quite easy to use and free if you want to download songs from YouTube without the need for any application bonuses.

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