Before using it, know in advance the dangerous effects of GB WhatsApp APK


Some time later, WhatsApp was down followed by Facebook and Instagram as well. Not a few at that time users were looking for alternatives to using GB WhatsApp APK. But before using it, know the dangers of the following GB WhatsApp APK.

You need to know, if there are some dangers of GB WhatsApp APK that can criticize its users. Just so you know, the worst effect is a permanent ban.

Not Official App

GB WhatsApp APK itself is a modified application based on the model of the WhatsApp messaging service. However, this application is not a formal application managed by the main owner of WhatsApp.

This makes there is no guarantee of security in using the application. GB WhatsApp APK itself is a third-party application that can share WhatsApp's 'uniform' features, so it is used as an alternative for many users when problems occur in the main service or application.

Dangers of GB WhatsApp APK

You can observe a series of dangers of GB WhatsApp APK in the following short points.

  1. No is the official application of WhatsApp
  2. Because it is not available on the Google Play Store or other formal places, it means that it cannot meet the standard qualifications given
  3. Prone to message leaks because they are managed by unknown third parties
  4. Prone to being infiltrated by malware that can damage your features and information
  5. Violating the original WhatsApp Terms of Service, because it is made by a third party and is not official
  6.  The effect of blocking the account that you use and own, either temporarily or permanently
  7.  Permanent ban will increase the risk when you ignore the warning and get banned while on WhatsApp

You have to face a series of threats when trying to use this kind of service. Indeed, the existing features tend to be more numerous and complete, so as to increase user comfort, but with this effect, do you believe you still want to use it?

For those of you who have recently encountered problems with the WhatsApp service, so you should be patient and try other formal application alternatives. At least with a formal application that is recognized and verified, information security can be more guaranteed so that the effects can be reduced to a minimum. After all, this kind of obstacle only lasts for a short time, so it feels disproportionate to have to risk the security of your information.

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