10 Android Apps That Can Be Dangerous

Android users are being warned of a new threat that has cost millions of mobile users. It was the security team at Zimperium that discovered a vicious new type of malware that GriftHorse claims. GriftHorse uses tactics to infiltrate devices hidden within seemingly harmless applications. Once installed, it then starts alerting users using notifying them that they have won a grant & should immediately claim their winnings. These pop-ups exist at no less than five times per hour which and make phone users earn cash just for stopping continuous alerts.

Zimperium says that, upon receiving an invitation for a gift, the malware redirects victims to a geo-specialized website where they are asked to submit their phone number for verification. But in reality, they send their details to a premium SMS service which then starts charging them €30 or around IDR500,000 per month. It is estimated that this strategy has resulted in hundreds of millions of Euros being stolen.

Reported by express.Co.Uk Tuesday (10/10/2021) here are the 10 most famous applications that have been infected with GriftHorse.

  1. Handy Translator Pro • 1 million downloads
  2. Heart Rate Tracker & Heart Rate 500,000 downloads
  3. Bus – Metrolis 2021 • 500,000 downloads
  4. Fingerprint Changer • 500,000 downloads
  5. Bus Driving Simulator • 500,000 downloads
  6. OFFRoaders – Survive • 500,000 downloads
  7. Amazing Video Editor • 500,000 downloads
  8. Horoscope : Luck • 100,000 downloads
  9. Phone Control Block Spam Calls • 100,000 downloads
  10. SnapLens – Photo Translator • 100,000 downloads Zimperium says in a post on its blog:

"With the increasing use of mobile devices in everyday life, it is not surprising to see global cybercriminals targeting these endpoints for financial crime. Zimperium zLabs recently discovered a militant campaign of premium mobile services. Using more than 10 million victims globally, and the total amount stolen could run into hundreds of millions of Euros.

While regular premium service scams utilize phishing techniques, this specific global scam is hidden behind a malicious Android application that acts as a trojan, allowing it to take advantage of user interactions to increase spread and infection."

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