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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [DEVICE TEAM] Flash (Unbrick) Redmi Note 3(SD) with Locked Bootloader - All ROMS

Steps for Flashing/Unbrick Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon Version):-

Please be noted I will not take any responsibility for anything happened to your device.
Important: - Before flashing it is advised to take the backup of data and make sure that your phone battery is charged enough.

Note: This Method will work with every ROM, Upgrade/Downgrade, Locked BL/Unlocked BL. Don't ask queries before reading the whole guide.
You need to Start your Phone in Download Mode.(Not Fastboot Mode)

If Phone is Bootloop or Total Brick Or Pattern Lock:-
Follow the guide to enter EDL mode and then follow the rest guide below
Entering EDL mode from fastboot mode

For Normal Flashing

  • Turn on USB debugging, Go to Settings -- About Phone --> Touch 7 times on "MIUI version"  to Enable Developer Options.Now got to Settings - Additional Settings - Developer Options --> USB debugging.
  • Enable USB Debugging and Connect to PC.
Now Phone is Connected as ADB. Check Device Manager for Below

  • Download the ADB files from   adb.zip
  • Unzip the folder and go to the folder location and check for these files.
  • Type cmd and press Enter, Command Prompt will open.
  •  Type these Commands

adb devices

adb reboot edl
Note: The command is "EDL"

Phone will enter in download Mode with Red Led.

  • Open Device Manager and Phone will be detected as QHUSB_BULK.
  • Right Click and choose Update Drivers.

Note : - Driver Signature Enforcement: It's recommended to disable. Reboot your PC in Advanced Mode and Choose Disable Driver Signature.

Follow this thread Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 7/8/10 64-Bit

  • Choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software
  • Choose the Path of Xiaomi Folder. Most of users will find it like this.

Note:- If Folder does not exist , Install MI Flash (Link below) first.Update : For latest Version Path Changed to C:\XiaoMi\XiaoMiFlashWin 64 bit C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Qualcomm \ Driver

  • Choose Install this Driver Software anyway.
  • Wait till driver installation successful.
  • The driver will be installed Sucessfully and you can see added in Ports as Qualcomm HS-USB.

Flashing Part

The ROM links below are of Fastboot Rom. Recovery ROM will not work.If you have already downloaded Fastboot ROM no need to Download again.
(File Extension with .Zip file is Recovery ROM, .tgz or .tar file is Fastboot ROM)
You can download latest from here, Old Rom can be downloaded from Redmi Note 3 Rom Section
The ROM Link will start with "Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm"

If link does not work, Put Letter "o" not Zero before the Link address.

Download the Latest MI Flash Tool v20160401 from Here

Note: This MI Flash works with 64-bit Windows only

Update: Latest MI Flash Tool is released Download here

For 32-Bit Windows use Beta Version of MI Flash From here

Xiaomi Flashing Tool Miflash(Beta Version) Released! Download It Here

Important: - Before flashing it is advised to take the backup of data and make sure that your phone battery is charged enough.

Steps to Flash ROM: -

  • Download ROM from the above link (Which one you want to Flash) and extract it to Desktop(Use Winrar Software to extract). (Please check if the file suffix is '.tgz'. Please rename it to '.tgz' if the suffix is '.gz or .tar') 
Note: - Some users get error while extracting on Desktop Because there is space in the username of PC or the folder as shown.

  • The users should put the ROM In C Drive in a folder without spaces. E,g C:/ROM/, Don't Change the Name of original Folder The Error shown when using space between foldername
  • Download flashing tool from the above link and install it.
  • Once installation is complete, Run MiFlash application
  • Click on browse
  • Select ROM folder from Desktop(From the location where ROM is saved)
Note: -The path of the ROM folder Should be like "C:\Users\Muzamil\Desktop\MIUI" Not "C:\Users\Muzamil\Desktop\MIUI\images"
  • The MIUI Rom folder should Contain the following files
  • Press Refresh button to see you device in flashing tool.
  • After pressing refresh button you will see connected device.
  • Choose Flash_all option.
  • Click on Flash and it will start process
  • Once flashing process completes

  1. Remove the cable and keep Power Button pressed until it Vibrates.
  2. The Device will start, wait till completion , it can take up to 10 Minutes.
Anyone facing "Reached the end of the file.(0x80070026: Receiving hello packet)"Reboot the PC to Solve it.

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