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Make $150+ a Month on SwagBucks

Works best in NA/CA/UK - I Will Send You $1 If You Sign Up Under Me and Earn 300SB

To start of this thread I am saying that may of you have probably seen this site at one point in time and just shrugged it off but it is one of the best way to earn money online. Please read the entire post before you make any decision or judgement because this guide will teach you everything I use to make around $200 a month.

What you will need:
  1. Computer
  2. A Brain
  3. Optional phone to earn more

Step 1: Sign Up

  • Sign up HERE using my referral - Once you hit $3 you will get an additional free $3
  • Confirm your email and get started!

Step 2: Offers

1. Daily Tasks and Daily Goal
- On the left side of the bar there are 8 Tasks to be done every day. These will give you points for the tasks themselves and a bonus 8SB for completing them all.
- Every person has a daily goal on the top of the SwagBucks screen
  • The daily goal has two sections: The first the the minimum goal and the second is the maximum goal. The minimum should be reached every day and allows you to achieve around 10SB extra for everyday at the end of month (around 300SB).
  • If you archive your minimum daily goal every day for a month you get 4 tiers of SB bonus points (Around $5 of points)
  • The second daily goal will give you anywhere between 15-150SB extra every day. If done every day this will average out to around $10 a month or more.

2. Your main earner will be nCraves
  • These are auto playlists that play in another tab while you do other offers or watch T.V.
  • If you do not see the 3-5 SB ones do the 1 SB one and the higher point offers will show up after 1-5 of them.
  • Feel free to do the lower point ones as they will give higher rewards per time spent but take active clicking​

3. Paid Offer
- The premise of these offers is that you pay a low amount of money and get a higher reward from SwagBucks
- Examples of these:
  • World Book Offers ($1): $5(500SB)
  • Bark Box (Don't remember the amount)
  • Disney Movie Club ($2.99): $7(700SB)
  • Graze Subscription ($1): $5(500Sb)
  • Msg me and I can give more

4. Surveys
  • This might not be the best site but sometimes they have very good surveys that can be done for a good amount of extra money. I have gotten a survey that paid me $100 to try a product and then write some information about it. Just check the gold survey section once in a while.
  • When Peanut Labs has one of their double points (every few days or so) do their surveys as they pay out the best.
  • If you are ever prompted to to a longer study for more money usually do it as it usually requires very minimum work and has a large payout.

5. Mobile Downloads
  • If you have a phone downloading apps could net you anywhere between $1-5 a day depending on the offers. There are higher paying offers that require you to play and achieve a certain level (usually pay $2.50) and ones where you just download and open which pay between ($.25-$1).
  • You can usually do downloads on both Android and iPhone so if you have the two separate phones then you have net a good amount of money from just downloading offers everyday.

6. Mobile Videos
- If you have any type of phone and a good internet connection then mobile videos will help you earn around $1 extra each day. These apps can be found on both the app store and the google play store and don't take too much space on your phone. To use them just open them up and then click on a video to start watching and earning.

Apps for Mobile:
  • SBTV
  • EntertaiNow
  • Sportly
  • Lifestylz

7. Shopping - Looks like
- SwagBucks offers anywhere from 2-7% back on purchases and even works on eBay and Amazon. To use this feature just go the the SwagBucks home page and just click on where you would like to get cash back on.
Step 3: Rewards
  1. The first $25 gift card of the month will always cost 2300SB or $23. This allows you to get a cheap gift card if you like cashing out to Amazon or any other retailers.
  2. PayPal should be you next reward unless you want more gift cards as they is no premium for PayPal and it redeems just as fast as the cards
  3. It takes anywhere between 1-7 days to redeem, usually on the lesser side. Do not worry as they will payout and if they don't just submit a ticket.

Step 4: TIPS!!
  1. If an offer does not credit (this can be a survey, paid offer, mobile download, etc.) submit a ticket to their customer support and you will almost always be given compensation.
  2. Check the Subreddit r/Swagbucks because they are usually really fast at getting the good offers up and helping newbies navigate the site.

Proof/Rewards from just this month:

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