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WOW !! Pokemon Go Founder Hacked

After taking control of the Twitter account of John Hanke – “OurMine” posted a series of tweets, including one that identified Hanke’s password as “nopass.”

“nopass” which is a 6 alphabetical word phrase can be easily brute forced and is not a secure password at all

Facts to know about “OurMine” & Reason why do they HACK

” OurMine ” is a Brazilian Hacking group which has previously compromised  the following accounts
  • Google CEO – Sundar Pichai
  • Twitter and Square CEO – Jack Dorsey
  • Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg
  • ex Twitter CEO – Evan Williams
” OurMine ” this the group which is responsible for the DDoS attack on Pokemon GO’s Server earlier in the release of this game.
The Reason said by the Hackers from OurMine was that many people had requested to attack Hanke’s accounts as a reason that Pokemon GO has not launched in Brazil, Argentina or Chile.
“OurMine” have Tweeted some posts from John Hanke’s account including a tweet which revealed his HACKED password which was “nopass”

Let us have a look on the Tweets which were posted by “OurMine” Hacking group from John Hanke’s Twitter account

His password was too easy “nopass” #OurMine !?
— John Hanke (@johnhanke) July 31, 2016
OurMine Team !?
— John Hanke (@johnhanke) July 31, 2016
Hey, it’s #OurMine , don’t worry we are just testing your security, visit our website to upgrade your security!?
— John Hanke (@johnhanke) July 31, 2016
#OurMine | This hack for Brazil !?
— John Hanke (@johnhanke) July 31, 2016
#OurMine | This hack for Brazil #POKEMONGOBRAZIL #PokemonGo4Brazil !?
— John Hanke (@johnhanke) July 31, 2016

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