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MultiTool - Paidverts Bot V3 [No Imacros]

Hello guys, Now i want to share to you again something About BOT. This BOT for Padiverts, Information about What is Paidverts u can searh from Google.

MultiTool - Paidverts Bot V3  [No Imacros]

What is Does

The Bot Automates all tasks at paidverts.com such as vieweing bonus ads and activation ads
MultiTool - Paidverts Bot V3  [No Imacros]


  • Auto Updater
  • Minimize To System Tray
  • View Activation Ads Ands Bonus Ads
  • Request Micro Ads
  • Auto Mute
  • Popup And Flash Blocker
  • Bandwidth Reduction
  • MultiProcessing
  • Deathbycaptcha.eu Support
  • Sava Captcha Answers For Pre-Solving

How To Use

  1. Download and Run The Updater
  2. Go To Settings Anda Configure The Paidverts Bot
  3. Configue The Settings For Multitool
  4. Press Start, You Might See a window like this and then uncheck the box and press run 
    MultiTool - Paidverts Bot V3  [No Imacros]
  5. The Bot is Now Configured and running

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